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Functions to aid the data analysis of bioassessment and biomonitoring data. Suite of functions and tools for metric calculation and scoring for mult-metric indices and related data manipulation.


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To install the current version use the code below to install from GitHub. The use of “force = TRUE” ensures the package is installed even if already present. If the package remotes is missing the code below will install it.

if(!require(remotes)){install.packages("remotes")}  #install if needed
install_github("leppott/BioMonTools", force=TRUE)

Vignettes are not installed by default. If you want the additional documentation (recommended) then use this version of the code.

if(!require(remotes)){install.packages("remotes")}  #install if needed
install_github("leppott/BioMonTools", force=TRUE, build_vignettes=TRUE)


In development.


By those using involved with bioassessment and biomonitoring and the need for data manipulation.

A common set of tools will standardize outputs across entities. No longer need to use the same database or spreadsheet. Only need to format data for use with these tools.


Vignette and install guide updates are planned for the future.

Planned Updates

  • None at this time.

Future Possible Updates

  • Periphyton metrics.
  • Coral and Fish metrics (Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands)
  • TaxaList Check
  • Map taxon observations